we deliver the best results in the industry.

As your trusted business adviser, we will guide you through the rapidly changing rules and regulations regarding healthcare reimbursement with a boutique-like approach to customer service. We'll keep you compliant and we'll maximize your cash flow so that you can achieve wealth, freedom and peace of mind. 


We work closely with all our clients to ensure the most efficient resolution for higher reimbursements. 


Our results speak for themselves. Our success is solely due to our stern persistence in getting providers and facilities the compensation they deserve.


Our pros will open your eyes to the world of out-of-network payments in a way you would have never imagined.  


Because we deal with so many types of plans, our analytics gives us an upper hand when dealing with payors.


Our extensive analysis is key to dramatically increasing our clients out-of-network reimbursements. 

LASER focus

Lucra is unique. The reason we get our amazing results is because we focus ONLY on out-of-network providers and facilities.

 Our Philosophy

Lucra is a third party medical billing company that uses state of the art billing process rather than the medical provider. Using the Patient Protection Act we ensure that Insurance Companies are covering all benefits the patient elects to use, including their Out-of-Network benefits.


Lucra has an experienced team to handle all aspects of billing including claims, negotiations, and in-house legal counsel for more complex issues. Our teams are up to date on the Patient Protection Affordable Act (PPACA) regulations, laws and techniques to be constant innovators in our industry. At Lucra we work to stay ahead of the PPACA and forge a new pathway for healthcare professionals, not only to provide the highest quality care for patients, but to allow providers to earn.


Lucra holds insurance companies accountable for the PPO benefits they sold to employers and their employees. Lucra strives to optimize profitability for facilities, doctors and medical providers. Lucra developed a unique program called Patient Choice that vets patients, informs and educates people on the benefits they have purchased. Lucra works with all the providers to educate them on using PPO benefits that are already a part of their practice.


Reach out to us today to find out how your practice can start dramatically increasing their out-of-network payments.