revenue cycle outsourcing

We utilize our deep out-of-network expertise, technology, processes and analytics to ensure that our clients maximize their potential reimbursements by evaluating, assessing and handling all aspects of the out-of-network revenue cycle for medical providers  of all specialties across the nation.


our history

Established in 2016, co-founders Zev Abramson and Jack Gindi set out to create a company with one mission: the ability to maximize profitability for all out-of-network providers and surgery centers. The key component of their business model was to enable providers to earn a fair reimbursement for their services. 

Lucra has been extremely successful with its unique approach to billing services on behalf of its current client base of Physicians, Medical Professionals and Facilities. Our proven level of support through our experienced teams continues to provide a high level of customer service along with significantly increased levels of reimbursement for our clients. We strive every day to provide top level support for each and every client.

increase your piggy bank

The team of highly trained professionals and staff attorneys focus all their attention on increasing your practice's bottom line profit.