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Discover how Lucra can help your practice significantly maximize its professional and facility fees while maintaining the highest standard of care for patients. 


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Successful management of revenue cycle is a key component of a provider’s financial performance. One area of the revenue cycle that has been largely ignored is out-of-network bills. Yet with the rapid growth of out-of-network bills, insurance companies have become increasingly aggressive in reducing payment. Lucra can help you increase revenue by avoiding underpayments from third-party payors.


Our numbers speak for themselves. Lucra has obtained up to 100% reimbursement rates on providers out-of-network billings.

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Most providers leave substantial amounts of money on the table because they  simply don't understand how to overcome stalls, denials and underpayment caused by insurance companies. Lucra can help you rise above these obstacles and significantly maximize your profit. 



At Lucra, our sole focus and function  is to help providers uncover missing or unknown profitability in their out-of-network claims.

With its unique ability to utilize patients' benefits to maximize profitability for all out-of-network providers, Lucra has proven to be an extremely successful business model for both physicians and surgery centers. 


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